The History of St. Stephen's
Soon after the Revolutionary War, Mullica Hill, site of a skirmish of that war, and having endured the foraging for provisions by soldiers housed at Valley Forge, was happy to be at peace again. It was at this time, 1790, that a layman, Colonel Joseph Chatham, began holding services of the newly reorganized Protestant Episcopal Church in the old mill of the town.

The first church building was erected in 1813, and was in use for thirty-nine years. The congregation grew large enough to warrant a resident rector. After the death of its last rector, St. Stephens was without clergy. A parishioner would go to Philadelphia weekly and return with a clergyman to conduct services.

In 1850, the one-half acre piece of land for the present church was purchased for $200; construction of the present building began in 1852, and was completed in 1853. Clergy who also served in neighboring parishes conducted services. This arrangement continued until World War I, when a regular priest was assigned. However, after World War I, the size of the congregation dwindled, and another priest was not appointed until 1932. Services were held sporadically between then and 1938. In 1938, another priest was appointed, and continuous services have been held there ever since, to this day. Attendance ebbed and flowed, but the church has continued.

From 1938 until 1967, St. Stephens shared a priest with churches in nearby communities. Then, in 1967, Harry Collins, began his 37 year ministry. Ordained as a deacon and then a priest, Father Collins lived with his family in the rectory next door to the church, teaching in the local high school, as well as being priest to this church. Currently the Reverend, Frank St. Amour 
is the Vicar of St. Stephens Church.

We invite you and your family to join us as we continue to grow with a community that has transformed into one of the fastest growing areas of Southern New Jersey.